Crop Circles

OK, don’t tell me that two guys stumbled out of a pub in Wilshire (England) with a stick and a rope tied to both ends and did the crop circles found in these videos. I just won’t believe you!

The more I do this the more astounding videos I find. I have actually gone to links because of the volume. Some of the last videos are GOOD because they actually discuss all the monuments in southern England... not just Stone Hedge! Maybe the monuments are the reason that most of the crop circles are found there?

The videos toward the end are also good because the authors try to explain what the crop circle mean, i.e. decoding of the glyphs. Have fun.

Note: please look past the blatant advertising and sometimes weird or load music. I will try to post only the best, or most interesting, videos I can find. Thanks.

Good overview of the phenomenon of crop circles [3:42] Nice video and I like the music (2012) [3:20]

A little more abstract. Shows some of the geometric shapes the circles are patterned after [10:53] ALIENS MAKE CROP CIRCLES, BEST EVIDENCE EVER [7:55]

Crop Circles 2010 - Look Closer
Crop Circles 2010 August UK

crop-circles-warn-of-solar-storm origins-of-crop-circles
Crop Circle Warns of Solar Storm July 7th, 2009 [3:45] Origins of circles: Stone Circles 5000 years ago [9:13]

mayan-prophecies-and-crop-circles crop-circles-decoded
Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles

Crop Circles Decoded? [6:02]
Crop circle mysteries - June 2010 (1/2) [7:27] Crop circle mysteries - June 2010 (2/2) [4:56]

Even more Crop Circles

Government Circles - Colin Andrews [1:35:28]


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