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zeitgeist Movement

I would skip the introduction and click along the progress bar to 13 minutes.  I like what Peter Joseph has to say.   You might disagree with me, especially on part I, which talks about religion.  If you want to skip the first section and start at part II, skip to 40 minutes along the progress bar.

Zeitgeist: The Movie (with 2010 update) [2:00:28]

I like the following two videos because they explain our banking system, the Federal Reserve, and how absurd things have gotten. The second video is great because it explains in plain English what we should REALLY be doing.

zeitgeist-addendum zeitgeist-moving-forware-2011
Zeitgeist Addendum [2:03:07] Zeitgeist: Moving Forware 2011
zeitgeist-here-are-we-now zeitgeist-movemen-orientation-guide
Peter Joseph - Where are we now? [1:08:59] Zeitgeist Movement Activist and Orientation Guide [1:37:06]
The Venus Project Tour With Jacque Fresco [9:27]

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